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Why e-Placement Scotland?

Looking for additional IT staff? Ever considered trialling a talented work student?


e-Placement Scotland is a joint venture employability partnership between ScotlandIS and Edinburgh Napier University

  • The programme is employer lead and completely flexible to your business, placements can be from 3 to 12 months both full and part time. 

  • It is a completely free service to advertise your role and match your candidate, but we do ask that you must pay the student a salary of at least minimum wage or above.  

  • The employer feedback has been that the students are extremely capable talented, highly skilled and excellent value for money.

We work with all of the universities and colleges in Scotland to bring you the widest range of student’s available studying technical disciplines anything from computer science and software development to electronics engineering, data science and digital marketing and everything else in between.

We can do as much or as little as you require as part of your student placement recruitment process, so no need to worry if you have not got a Job Spec we can help you create that with our job spec pro forma, we simply require you to fill in the sections briefly and we can help to expand the job spec and come up with a full description and an advert for you. 

Advertising is really simple too, we only require your company logo, short description and your job spec including any technical skills, we can handle your applications for you or if preferred we can use a link directly to your careers website.  

We then work behind the scenes matching students to your job description and track who has applied for a role within your company.

We are here to support you as little or as much as you need, we can assist with shortlisting, arranging interviews, gathering additional information from the students what-ever we can help with.  Get access to talented students before they graduate.

For employers, this innovative approach could significantly aid with your longer-term growth and recruitment strategy.

Ready to consider a placement? 




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