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NN4M is a mobile solutions expert and has been recognised as one of the UK’s leading retail app developers.

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This is what they had to say about Alex Macrae, whose placement role was an applications developer:

"Alex had excellent technical skills and good experience when he joined. He was hard-working, with great enthusiasm. When he started he was fairly confident and we have watched that grow. Overall his working attitude was fantastic.

We were happy to contribute to Alex’s learning by exposing him to all projects and aspects of the business. In return, we got a great result. It has helped us as a business with our training and development and has been an excellent learning experience for our staff and managers. They are now equipped to do it again.

We were very pleased with our experience of e-Placement Scotland and we would definitely repeat it. Employers need to go in with their eyes open and understand the commitment. The students do need guidance, but we have found it an extremely rewarding experience. We would definitely recommend it to other employers.”

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Flexiant provides Cloud infrastructure software and services for hosting providers, data centre owners, telecommunications operators and enterprises.

This is their feedback on Diana Crisan’s time with them as a software developer:

"Diana did a summer placement with us, but she will hopefully continue on part time. e-Placement Scotland most definitely succeeded in matching the right candidate to the placement opportunity provided and all our expectations were met. Diana’s technical skills were excellent. She asked all the right questions and learnt a lot. She had a brilliant attitude.

Diana was quite shy initially, but became more confident, participating in discussions and putting her point of view across. It was good to see.

We had an excellent experience of e-Placement Scotland. Other employers will be pleasantly surprised if they get involved. We feel we made more than a good return on investment and are confident that an offer of full time employment will be made upon graduation.

The experience was so good that we will be using the service again as part of our recruitment strategy and would highly recommend it to other employers.”

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Bloxx is an award winning web filtering company. In 2007, they were recognized by Deloitte as one of the UK’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies.

Although initially sceptical about placements, they found April Hickman’s contribution as a software tester very worthwhile:

"April had very good technical skills and picked things up very well. She had a brilliant attitude. She was exposed to all areas of the business and got a very positive experience from it. She was always productive and proactive in asking for work. She definitely made an impact in helping out in the development/testing team.

April was shy and low in confidence to begin with. This improved during the placement as she interacted more with others in the team. She became less nervous, more comfortable with the role and got used to the environment.

We were sceptical initially about placements and what a student could offer. However, I went against my gut feeling and it proved to be very worthwhile. If an employer is committed to giving the student work to do then it works very well.”

>>Read April Hickman's testimonial


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