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Alex Macrae, Applications Developer, NN4M

NN4M is a mobile solutions expert and has been recognised as one of the UK’s leading retail app developers.

"I enjoyed my work placement a lot and settled in well. I worked with a small team and as there were other new interns I was not alone in being new to the company.

I feel that I was given valuable work which formed a key part of the software the company built. The work was challenging and varied but I had a lot of help from the technical director in particular.

Getting acquainted with the methods of working and setup of the systems added to the challenge at first, but I feel that I learnt rapidly and overcame these.

I think that the e-Placement programme is very helpful and will be of great use in the future. It helps to bridge the gap between University and work very well."

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Diana Crisan, Software Developer, Flexiant

Flexiant provides Cloud infrastructure software and services for hosting providers, data centre owners, telecommunications operators and enterprises.

"It was a very good experience! I was really well taken care of and I quickly settled into the team and new work environment.

Although it was challenging, the fact that I was always given enough time to figure things out on my own made it a really fruitful learning experience. I gained lots of coding experience, plus learnt not to be as scared as before when I had to make modifications to a complex program.

I like that e-Placement is dedicated to students looking for a placement since most websites advertise full time/permanent jobs or internships for penultimate year students. The website is very straightforward and easy to use. I am not required to do a placement as part of my honours degree. I do it for experience. I am not certain on what I want to specialise in – it’s best to try things out before I finish university in my opinion.

Thanks for everything! I would definitely recommend an e-Placement to my peers."

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April Hickman, Software Tester, Bloxx

Bloxx is an award winning web filtering company. In 2007, they were recognized by Deloitte as one of the UK’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my work placement and it was a really enriching experience. Bloxx was a fantastic company to work for. The team made me feel welcome and I quickly got to know everyone. They treated me as part of the team and not just a student that was there for the summer.

Some parts of the work were challenging, which was good because I was always learning something and kept busy. It was really amazing to be doing work that was going to be part of the company’s product. I learnt what it is like to work in an office and as part of a Software Development team. This was a very valuable experience, as I have always wanted to work in this kind of environment.

I feel that I have gained a better understanding of my own skills and how I can apply them to my work. I believe that I will now be better equipped to enter the world of work after I leave university. I would definitely recommend an e-Placement to my peers. A big thank you to everyone at e-Placement Scotland." 

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Gurparit Chand, Software Developer, Amor Group


Amor Group is Scotland’s largest provider of business technology solutions for energy, transport and public sectors.

"I had a very good experience of e-Placement Scotland. The website was very straightforward and easy to use and the advertised roles were well suited to my degree course and career targets. I wanted the experience of doing a work placement before my final year so that I would have better luck with graduate jobs.

The placement at Amor Group was related to the course but not accredited as on other, similar courses. Keep up the good work and keep those job placements coming for all the future generations!"

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