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Why hiring a Student Placement is a good idea for your business!

15th Sep 2019

How can employing a student placement strengthen your business?


The benefits of a student undertaking a paid placement are invaluable, but have you considered the impact that they can have on your business?  Feedback from employers so far states that they find students to be “extremely capable talented, highly skilled and excellent value for money.”


  • In many cases, employing a student placement also allows you to strengthen your existing workforce by offering them opportunities to work on their own management and communication skills.   Being asked to mentor a student placement can empower your workforce and make them feel valued in the work place.


  • Students bring with them fresh ideas and can be thought-provoking, they bring a new perspective to your business by asking questions that you may not have thought to ask yourself.  They can bring a whole new enthusiasm to your work place environment.


  • Taking a student is good PR for your company, let’s not forget that by taking on a student placement you are completing part of your public engagement commitments and working towards your corporate social responsibility goals.


  • You can help to generate a recruitment pipeline, taking a placement student allows you to mould the graduates of the future.   You are given a unique opportunity to teach them the skills that will truly benefit your organisation when they graduate.  If your student placement has a good experience in your organisation, they are more likely to come back as a graduate and to encourage their friends to apply too!


  • Taking on a student placement benefits the industry as a whole!  Not only are you promoting your own organisation, but the industry in general, as one of the industries that are currently facing a skills shortage, it is important that we all play our part in engaging people into the industry and providing placement opportunities is one of the key ways in which you as an employer can do this.


Not sure if a placement student is right for your business?  See what Pulsion had to say about their experience of using placement students from e-Placement Scotland.


Want to find more? Check out our FAQs or contact us now, where we will be happy to discuss e-Placement Scotland with you in more detail.



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