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Placement Conduct - Are you getting it right?

2nd Aug 2019

What is expected of you during your placement?

Your placement is a professional experience that requires professional attitudes and appropriate behaviour.  For the duration of your placement, you are an employee and therefore you will be expected to behave like all other employees. 

Don't panic, no one will expect you to know everything, but you will be expected to show up on time and follow the same rules as permanent staff members.

It is important that you meet certain expectations.  Employers are looking for you to have a great attitude and an eagerness to learn. 


During your placement, you should try to achieve the following:


  • Demonstrate a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Meet deadlines and speak up if you are unable to this, don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Avoid office politics and gossip.
  • Behave professionally when you are interacting with colleagues, customers, and superiors
  • Know what the office policies are regarding use of phones, computers, email, etc. and make sure you stick to them
  • Dress appropriately if you are unsure of the dress code - dress smart ( it is better to be too smart that too casual)
  • Do not be late! If you are late for any reason, apologise and explain why.  Always make sure you give yourself plenty of travel time to avoid delays.
  • Ask for assistance and advice as needed.


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