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Application Forms - Are you doing them right?

9th Oct 2017

Application Forms and how to get them right

It is not uncommon for employers to now ask you to complete an Application form  instead of simply providing a CV and Cover Letter.  It can be a scary thought to try and fill these with what can often seem like small spaces to complete a lot of information.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of completing them, but don’t worry as here at e-Placement Scotland we have compiled some information to help you fill in application forms with ease.

Firstly before doing anything research the company.

If you need to write a personal statement keep it short and highlight skills and attributes.Be as specific as you can, only provide the information they have asked for and don't ramble.

List your employment history in reverse chronological order and always start with relevant work experience first,  be sure to include: Job title, name of the company you worked for, employment dates​

If you are asked for two references - provide two reference and make sure you have permission to provide their details.

Checking your application over before you send it.

  • Print it out and read it over, keep a copy for yourself and ask someone else to read it over for you. 
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar issues, poor English is a common reason for applications being rejected.
  • Try to keep information short and easy to read.
  • Try not to repeat yourself, your personal statement should not be the same as your work experience for example.
  • Try to ensure that all the information that the application contains is relevant to the position you are applying to 


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