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Example CV


Example CV Template


Name: John Smith
Curriculum Vitae


                            Home Address                                                  Contact Details
                            Fill in details                                                       Fill in details

Personal Profile:

This is the first thing a prospective employer reads about you on the CV, it should state who/what you are, your experience and what you are looking for, ideally 4/5 lines, this is your opportunity to sell yourself.

E.G: 3RD Year Computer Science student on track for a 2.1 degree result from the University of (Insert accordingly) Strong technical ability with a passion for web development and a growing interest in mobile applications development. I have strong experience in x or y skills (Insert accordingly) and am extremely ambitious, proactive and willing to learn. I am currently seeking a summer work placement in web development where I hope to expand my knowledge and put what I have learned into practice.

Education and Qualifications:

Depending on your course of study enter relevant information on courses/topics covered and grades attained see below:

The University of …. Studying towards BSC in Computer Science

Cover here years of study 1,2,3 (so far) with details of what was covered and grades attained.


This should cover any relevant skills that you want the employer to know about can be technical and otherwise but prioritise and they must be relevant to the employer

• Java
• C++
• Excellent Communication Skills
• Strong Presentation Skills
• Good Research Ability

Ideally you want to get all of this on the first page so when an employer is going through their checklist you are ticking boxes instantly.

Work/Project Experience:

This section can be very important to the employer and is your opportunity to demonstrate ability. What should be included in this section is any relevant work experience; this can be paid/unpaid/work placement and or any relevant project experience either at University or outwith. Employers want to see examples of where you have used your skills in practice.

Date: Employer Name/Job Title or Position:

This should cover a brief description of the company and what you did- employers want to know about you and what you actually contributed

E.G: If you have relevant work experience:

Company X are a e-commerce web developer based in Glasgow. My role within the company as a part time intern was to assist the head developer with......... I got the opportunity to be involved with x Project and used skills A, B C etc

Date: Employer Name/Job Title or Position:

E.G: If you have University Project Experience

During my third year at University I worked on Project X where the problem was.....My role was to........ Using skills A,BC, I was able to.......... I was responsible for presenting this information to a panel etc etc

The key to this section is showing what YOU!!!! contributed in these situations, use of your skills and where applicable skills or experiences gained good or bad that have helped develop and shape your skills and personality. Work Experience that is not industry relevant such as part time position in call centre/bar etc should be included but would recommend limited information and where more relevant experience exists this should take priority.

Additional Information/Skills:

This section is to cover any additional skills both technical and non technical- information that is relevant and of interest but not your key selling points

• Excellent use of all Microsoft packages including word/excel, powerpoint
• Recently awarded x for my performance in......
• Self taught in x skill
• Good level of database knowldge
• Proficient in software testing
• Full UK Clean Driving Licence

Education Cont:

Can add in here Secondary School education such as Highers/Advanced Highers, also any other qualifications that you feel are worth mentioning.


Good opportunity to note references that back up what you have said under work experience/project work

If you have relevant work experience note your line managers details etc.


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