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Junior UX Designer - Edinburgh

Software Development
Ref: 1076 Date Posted: Monday 14 Jun 2021
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Junior UX Designer – Full Time Summer 2021 (moving to part time) – Edinburgh/Remote


About the Company


Trubshaw is recruiting talented students to join a cross-functional product discovery team. Discovery is about the intense collaboration of product management, user experience (UX) design and engineering. Its purpose is to quickly separate the good from the bad ideas before writing even one line of production software.


This is achieved through a series of rapid and inexpensive learning cycles of prototyping and user testing. The role We view UX as any way that customers and end users realise the value of our product. This not only includes product interaction but also learning touchpoints with our consultants and ultimately the environmental and security constraints associated with working in areas of violent conflict.


The Role


We are looking for a junior UX designer to help us iterate from an existing low-code proof of concept to a live-data prototype. The successful candidate will join the team for an intensive work period over July and August 2021, and ideally then transition into flexible part time working from the autumn term.


What we offer you


Trubshaw is purpose driven. You will help create a product that will improve the real-world safety of NGO staff working on a girls’ education programme in South Sudan. South Sudan is currently one of the most dangerous countries on Earth and our product discovery takes place in an operational environment. This means that every iteration directly improves the physical safety of our users. Remuneration discussed below.


Strategic Context


Changing societal expectations have influenced the way companies involved in the development of large-scale projects or the extraction of natural resources conduct their operations. These company projects face increasing global pressure to operate more sustainably, responsibly, and transparently. At the same time, communities affected by these projects are demanding more involvement in decision-making around the planning and development of these projects and expect to receive a greater share of the benefits. This is especially true in the developing world where large-scale projects typically have enormous impact on the environment, local economies, cultures, community cohesion, and political stability. In addition to navigating statutory regulations in order to obtain a legal licence to operate, project developers must now also obtain and maintain the acceptance of local communities. These and similar project stakeholders now enjoy more and more influence over project success or failure. In short, for any large-scale project in the developing world, maintaining a healthy social licence to operate has become a core component of being a responsible and ethical corporate citizen. From a corporate perspective, the changing dynamics described above has pushed environmental, social and governance related risks (“ESG risk”) to the forefront of corporate risk management. Indeed, for the extractive industry, ESG risk has become the biggest risk. Despite a desire to operate more sustainably, responsibly, and transparently, very few project developers address ESG risk sensibly. This is especially the case in challenging environments like Africa and Latin America where ESG risk presents itself very differently at each project location.


To become operationally responsible and financially profitable, project developers must address ESG risks more proactively, strategically, and cost-effectively. Vision & Mission Trubshaw Cumberlege, Ltd.’s (Trubshaw) vision is to accelerate the global transition to a carbon netneutral, responsible and ethical corporate impact world.


Our mission is to constantly innovate highly integrated and cutting-edge security and environmental, social and governance (ESG) systems and services, that will serve to eliminate our clients’ internal barriers to good environmental and social performance.


Product Vision


We are at the beginning of a three-year product development journey. Our goal is a cloud-based platform that offers integrated security and ESG applications for our customers’ business units, projects, and departments. It will combine real-world actions and outputs, online coaching and mentorship, artificial intelligence (AI) and interoperability with third-party applications, devices, and platforms to serve as a security and ESG management ecosystem. Crucially, it will enable a golden thread of execution and oversight from remote project sites to the board room and beyond.


Junior UX Designer Responsibilities


The scope of work for the position includes (but is not limited to):


• Build and use prototypes to test and get feedback on design directions. This might look like: creating paper prototypes, creating click-through prototypes, etc

• Create and apply story-based design to convey an idea to the right audience and craft compelling stories.

• Apply principles of visual design (type, colour, grid, hierarchy) across a variety of interfaces to create a coherent, intuitive, and emotionally engaging experience.

• Take a systems thinking lens to tackle complex, interconnected challenges.

• Collaborate across digital platforms to create beautiful interactions and experiences, bringing them to life through design, prototyping, storytelling.

• Collaborate (joint problem solving) within a multidisciplinary team that includes software engineers, data scientists and field consultants.

• User testing as part of a weekly cadence to constantly validate and refine ideas as well as collect novel insights.


Skills and Experience


We know the skills and flavours of UX design vary and your experience may include a variety of mediums; mobile apps, websites, digital/physical controls and/or a range of prototyping tools. Ideally you will have experience in one or more of the below (or similar):


• Processing/P5

• Arduino

• Sketch

• Figma

• InVision

• Framer

• Principle

• Adobe CC suite


Work Location


Ideally, the team will be collocated in Edinburgh. However, remote working is an option, especially in accordance with the COVID safety guidelines of the day.




Hourly rate greater than the national living wage.




We are actively seeking to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our organisation.


Start Date


05 July 2021


How to Apply


To be considered, please submit a cover letter (yes, we read them!), CV, references and the link to your portfolio website. In your cover letter, please convey why this opportunity is of interest, and aligned to this stage of your career.


Apply online now to start your e-Placement Scotland Journey with Trubshaw

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